Hello everyone! It's me, Gale here and I just wanted to put out this blog as the "Official" to-do list for me and other members of the wiki. This'll start out quite simple but will hopefully be expanded upon once certain tasks are completed. Well.. here's the list:


Alright, the first thing that we (or I) need to get running are some templates. I've been looking through a ton of them and used them in sandbox, but to no visual avail. I know, I know, it doesn't have to look pretty as long as it works but I simply can't find a template to suffice. If anybody knows a good template... please suggest it! If it's on a wiki please give me a link to the (or an) active admin's page and I'll see if I can get permission to edit the template and use it here. On to the next thing! Done.


Okay, I've been doing some work getting the pictures in. If I uploaded all of the pictures that I have, (still editing and waiting to see if they would work on certain templates) then we would have most of the character images by now (image editing is a pain.) After I finish uploading said images, if anyone has any of the units on the list soon-to-come on the home page of the wiki, then upload them! Even if the image isn't edited as long as it's from the game and it is extracted or a screenshot.

General Wiki-Building

Just general structural stuff (making the wiki look better, fixing up navigation, etc.)