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  • I live in New York, not going into any more detail.
  • I was born on April 4
  • My occupation is /are: Gamer, High Schooler, Writer, Amateur Artist (Music and Visual), Admin(s), and that one guy to always be alone in chat.
  • I am A guy, why?
  • Galeforce's Wrath

    Hello everyone! It's me, Gale here and I just wanted to put out this blog as the "Official" to-do list for me and other members of the wiki. This'll start out quite simple but will hopefully be expanded upon once certain tasks are completed. Well.. here's the list:

    Alright, the first thing that we (or I) need to get running are some templates. I've been looking through a ton of them and used them in sandbox, but to no visual avail. I know, I know, it doesn't have to look pretty as long as it works but I simply can't find a template to suffice. If anybody knows a good template... please suggest it! If it's on a wiki please give me a link to the (or an) active admin's page and I'll see if I can get permission to edit the template and use it here…

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  • Galeforce's Wrath

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the W2D wiki! Err... is that what I'm supposed to say to start this off?

    Anyhow, this wiki needs work, and anyone that comes here can see that this is true. While there is work being done on the wiki, it'd take a miracle for this wiki to get much of an overhaul in a short period of time, I'd like to ask for a few things from the visitors and contributors of this wiki to help it grow.

    If you'd like to add in photos, please include the following if possible:

    • Monsters in battle (What the monster looks like while fighting, without having taken damage would be preferred)
    • Monster thumbnails (The image that is the icon for the monster. Ex: the succubus photo ->
    • Monster card forms (The card version of monsters, preferably‚Ķ

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